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Clinical Trials

Today, we have better and more effective drugs and therapies for many diseases because of the research conducted in clinical trials.   As a result, survival rates have increased and the quality of life has improved for many people. Some of these drugs and therapies would not be available today if it were not for research programs and patients willing to participate in clinical trials.

Participate in Clinical Trials

Clinical trials typically evaluate new treatments for very specific conditions.  Therefore, there are strict criteria used to evaluate eligible candidates for each study.  Our research teams will review your case during the diagnosis stage to see if you meet the criteria for any of our clinical trials.  Participation in clinical trials is always voluntary and you will never be enrolled without your consent.  Please ask your doctor about these trials if you are interested; you will be paid a fee for your participation, and all healthcare charges related to the study are at no cost to you.

 Currently recruiting for state of the art clinical trial research







Clinical Trials Available for Volunteers


To learn about these trials and your eligibility, please contact your doctor or:

 Patricia Northrup, Clinical Research Coordinator, at
(203) 845-4860, clinicaltrials@norwalkmedgroup.com.